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Welcome to the Colonial Homes Connection! Follow the link above to a treasure trove of interesting colonial decor items. Along the way you'll see styling reminiscent of when we were a nation of can-do individualists, the backbone of the way our country was founded and intended to be. The majority of our items are proudly made in the United States of America!

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Colonial style homes with their colonial decor are one of the most recognized and popular homes in the country. The reappearance in the popularity of colonial style homes and Colonial decor has always been popular, but it really seems to be making a return of late. Colonial decor has a certain look to it. Simple balanced lines were popular with the design of homes. Colonial decor had minimal colors in subdued shades and sturdy confident features. This style wasn't likely to have walls painted purple or an abundance of clutter sitting around. The Colonial decor that we offer would be appropriate and fit into the decorating schemes of the time period. Colonial style is ageless and timeless.

There were many varieties of Colonial style homes during the era. One of the most desirable and most easily recognized style is the Cape Cod. The style originated in colonial New England and were modeled after half-timbered houses. The stormy New England weather inspired the emergence of the wooden shutters that look so classic with the styling. Lots of this style were built in the 1930's. Another extremely popular style is the Colonial Revival, which became very popular around the 1876 United States Centennial Exposition reflecting American patriotism and a desire for simplicity. The Saltbox Colonial, the Dutch Colonial, the Spanish Colonial Revival, the Garrison Colonial, the list goes on and on as far as Colonial style homes is concerned. Now you can make home improvements and decorate your particular type of home with a variety of quality hard to find colonial items. 

Think about the pioneer spirit of the early residents of what is now our country. Why did we devolve from a nation of staunch self-reliant patriots to a pathetic mass of whining protoplasm? We'll probably never know the answer, but you can revisit the nostalgic styling of those sturdy individualists who would probably have not been too interested in texting and tweeting by surrounding yourself with the timeless stylistic cues they left behind. 

While looking through these pages please be sure and view our wonderful selection of lighting for your home. That is just the beginning of the home items that are available for you to give a face-lift to your residence. The beautiful rugs are rich looking and with the vast array that we carry you are sure to find one that will be a perfect compliment to your existing decor. The house numbers are always a welcome addition to the front of your home and can really spruce things up in no time. Try adding some new colonial hardware to the mix and things are really looking up. For you homes interior, don't forget to check into the vast array of floor and heat vents. The different styles, materials by which they are created and quality of construction are all first rate. The primitive decor that some homeowners have accumulated over the years can really be complemented by the what is the foundation in the decor of the home. Handsome looking light switch plates, with complementing floor vents, with maybe some harmonizing doorknobs, all of these things can really spiff up your surroundings. So take a few moments and look around at the wonderful array of products that will enhance and beautify your residence.