colonial cast bronze plaques
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Solid cast bronze...

just like the fittings and bells from the famed Cutty Sark! 
What a splendid method to make a significant announcement with one of our colonial bronze plaques!
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colonial bronze plaques




Colonial bronze plaques

Colonial bronze plaques attached to the exterior of your early American home will be the talk of the neighborhood. Be sure and lift one of these Colonial bronze plaques with your knees bent, because you don't want to put your back out! We mean it! They are heavy duty beauties.  You might have to actually track down Charles Atlas to help you get the plaque out of the box. You'll have the delivery person wondering what the heck could be so heavy in a package that just isn't all that big. Keep em' guessing we say! Our colonial bronze plaques are the perfect way to identify your home. Perhaps you live in a historic home and you are going to be listed on the historic register. We have homeowners using these beauties all the time! Perhaps you live in "The Alder House, built in 1840". This is the perfect way to make known your residence. Maybe you would like to use one of our colonial bronze plaques as an address marker - this is just the thing! Or how about the one pictured - Ye Old Tick Tock Shoppe - a perfect piece of signage for your business, whether it be a home business on in a shopping area. So keep that in mind as we can pretty much do any size that you need.

When you are having us make a custom colonial plaque for you we always give you a piece of artwork to see before we get started on making your plaque for you. You probably have in mind pretty much what you would like it to look like. So we may go back and forth a few times until you get just the look that you want. We may actually have a few suggestions to give, to help you out if you are totally stumped to how you would like it to look. Perhaps you are looking for another shape or perhaps type style, this really is not a problem, we can probably make whatever you want, but pricing varies of course. Give us a call so one of our friendly associates can give you a helping hand. One thing we like to do is to provide artwork for you to approve prior to actually pouring the bronze. This avoids a lot of grief and pain due to misspellings or objectionable layout. If you want some change to be made it is a lot easier to do that before the bronze is cast rather than after. There is no charge for changing the layout, you'll be glad to know!

So what ever it is that you want to pay everlasting homage to, you have come to exactly the right place. And of course we really do mean everlasting! Rest assured that these wonderful plaques are not the wimpy aluminum plaques that are so often seen floating around everywhere. These are the real deal! They are massive chunks of genuine bronze and they are made right here in the good old United States of America! I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, one nation under God, - oooh that feels good! Thank goodness our founding fathers did what they did, so today you and I could proudly display something of  such high quality,  made in American, to showcase our proud heritage on the exterior of you home. God Bless America and all of those that made our country so great! It is a  wonderful place  to live, and by displaying one of these plaques we can honor and preserve our proud history in the years to come.