colonial doorbell buttons, metal
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For whom the colonial doorbell buttons toll.
Its for you, of course!

Nantucket colonial doorbell buttons collection

Colonial doorbell buttons in rustic cast bronze

Narrow footprint rustic pushbuttons



Colonial doorbell buttons

Colonial doorbell buttons are another way of enhancing your home near the entryway. The famous saying is everything should always look really good coming up to the front door, what better way than with one of our attractive colonial doorbell buttons. We have several colonial doorbell buttons in a variety of styles to choose from. The more traditional colonial doorbell buttons are in the Nantucket collection. This stylish assortment consists of period doorbells circa the 1870's to the 1940's, thus covering at least two colonial revival periods. These first class looking colonial doorbell buttons are constructed of solid brass which helps in recreating a wonderful era of a time gone by. The colonial doorbell buttons that are cast in solid bronze give the feeling of the more primitive times of the colonial era. The solid bronze is available in several different patina's to complement your existing decor. 

Having an attractive looking doorbell near your front door is a wonderful welcome invitation to your home and show that you take pride in your home right from the moment people see you residence. It really is in the details that give your  home a polished well cared for appearance. Not only are your adding an attractive prominent decor item to the front of your home, you are also add something that is serving a purpose. To let you know that someone is at the front door. Of course, people will be wondering where you got your hands on such a wonderful looking doorbell button. Admirers will clamor at the sight and yearn for one of these doorbells. The simple symmetry and classic clean looks of a colonial home create the perfect environment for showcasing quality additions near the front of your home. Imagine house numbers, a doorbell button, how about a door knocker, all of these things add up to create a wonderful first impression of your home. The colonial era expanded over so many years that a lot of progress was made during the evolution of different styles of colonial homes. Perhaps you style of colonial home was more primitive in nature. We have three wonderful tones of bronze from which you need to try and make you decision. The warm coppery tones have a welcoming richness, the soft brassy tones are a rich warm tone with the uniform true being a lighter color bronze in nature. The cast bronze doorbell buttons would really set the tone in the early Americana nature of your home. Imagine a gristmill down the rocky road from your rustic retreat. Very charming indeed, we must say!

Sometimes people wonder if there is a shock hazard involved in wiring up doorbell buttons. The wires come off of a step down transformer so the voltage is on the order of 10 to 16 volts. Since the skin breakdown voltage is about 30 volts this is not enough to even give you a tingle. In other words, don't worry about it!

Please keep in mind that you could also put one of our wonderful doorbell buttons, or other things that we offer for that matter on more that just your home. Perhaps you own a store, or have a shop or office, how about an entry to an upper class hotel, perhaps where you need a membership to get in. All of these thing could really benefit from a doorbell, especially if you keep the door locked after hours, but you still would like to know if someone would like to come in.