colonial doorbells, hand made
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Olde Benjamin Franklin...
would have insisted on having one of these enchanting colonial doorbell beauties. After all, he was a big
fan of the technologies of the times, such as they were. Suffice to say, if you are left cold
by the less than appealing plastic monstrosities found in the local big box stores, then
you are going to like these individually artisan made colonial doorbells!
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The Parthenon colonial doorbell

Colonial doorbell in the Column and block models

eggcrate grid models

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Colonial doorbells, electric

The colonial doorbells that we have add a whole lot of interest and grace to your entry. We have come up with a wonderful line of colonial doorbells that will fit in superbly with your colonial home. It used to be very hard to find something that would not only fit in with a colonial home in the way of a doorbell, so we decided to get busy and make some that were not only functional, but actually complemented your existing decor.  These wonderful looking colonial doorbells look like they just stepped out of a bygone era. The colonial plantation's of yesteryear would be a welcoming the sight and sound of these wonderful looking colonial doorbells. These colonial doorbells are finely crafted to draw the eye upwards and look great with perhaps a colonial entry light nearby or one of our attractive light switch plates. 

So please take note if you have some kind of a contraption that just totally does not fit with the style of your home. Perhaps a plastic cover from the 50's, which would totally look appropriate for a pink flamingo type of ranch home, but not your Dutch colonial. Maybe an funky oak case from a 1970's shop class that looks like it stepped out of That 70's Show, not so great with your Greek Revival home. We think you have come to the right place when looking for a colonial doorbell. All of our doorbells come complete with the chime mechanism and are lovingly made by hand right here in the good old United States of America. The Parthenon colonial doorbell and the Column and Block model doorbells are stylishly constructed with quality materials and are sure to be noticed immediately upon entry by the dignitaries you others that come in. Grids and grates were used on many things near the turn of the century, and their enduring appeal certainly rings true with our charming eggcrate model doorbells. The oak is finely crafted with fabric covering the openings behind the grille. These will bring you enjoyment for years to come. Be sure that you already have a transformer in place to operate your doorbell. If you have a currently functioning doorbell then you must already have a transformer somewhere. If you have a new construction house then you might not, but you can pick up one just about anywhere for very little money.

Our forefathers came up with some of the most popular and enduring home designs that his country and ever seen. Certain styles come in and out of favor every few years, but colonial always seems to be one of the most constant. Probably because of the rich history so ingrained in our country, plus it just makes you feel good. This style of home can be seen from the West Coast over to the Eastern seaboard with certain characteristics being seen time and time again. Please be sure and check out some other items that would be complementary with a colonial doorbell. Such as a colonial doorbell button. Or perhaps a door knocker. There used to be a time when it would be impossible to find any kind of accoutrement of this manner for your home, whether is be colonial, craftsman, Victorian, or of a rustic lodge look nature in design.