colonial fireplace tools, handmade
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   Every colonial village... 

... had colonial fireplace tools! And they featured at least one smithy that operated the bellows 
and forge that turned out the metal pieces creating colonial fireplace tools that were so essential 
for daily life in the colonies. Our colonial fireplace tools are also made in the same exact way 
using the time-honored techniques passed down through tradition. 
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Colonial fireplace tools in iron

Colonial fireplace tools complementary round top fireplace screen



Colonial fireplace tools

Colonial fireplace tools were one of the most essential pieces of equipment used in the daily  life of the early American people. Their life would not have been nearly as efficient if they didn't have fireplace tools. The family sitting around the fireplace with the fireplace tools nearby was a common scenario of early American life. The kettle hanging in the fire that often need stoking with the handy set of handy fireplace tools.  Colonial life really revolved around the kitchen hearth. All throughout history the fireplace really was the center of family life. Think about it, it was place that created warmth for the family, a place to be cozy and stay safe from the elements, the place to cook all of the food. You could also have additional light in the evenings, hang the clothes up to dry much faster than if just left in the cold air. It really was the hub of the house. Come to think of it, prior to having a house, fire was a real key element to survival, only they didn't have fireplace tools, back in the caveman days. But if they did.... they most certainly would want the great fireplace tools that we have.

These wonderful fireplace tools are of the highest quality and will last for years to come. They are made right here in the good old United States of America, as a matter of fact they are made right here in Washington state by our master blacksmith Ben, who has decades of experience in blacksmithing to culminate these heirloom quality fireplace tools. One of the many nice things about these sturdy fireplace tools is that you can do a little bit of mix and matching. We offer a shovel, broom, poker and tongs. The wall mount option has a hanger for three tools, or a hanger for four tools, so you can choose the ones that you want and that most fit your  needs. The floor mount models have room for four fireplace tools. Plus they fit in perfectly with and complement your home design scheme. Remember that the Craftsman Style fireplace tools are not quite as substantial as the traditional and the leaf motif tools and they have more of an emphasis on decorative styling and should only be used for lightweight use. Is that correct? Maybe not. After all, these are made of solid chunks of sturdy steel. Probably way more steel than you have in the body panels of your car. I rest my case.

While you are perusing the fireplace tools don't forget to look at our wonderful complementing fireplace screen. It really is another must have and made of the most absolute finest quality. The hand forged frame and handles are finished with a mixture of paste wax and linseed oil. This retains the hammer marks and the natural black patina developed during the forging process. Screen portion is painted with a heat resistant black paint. It is constructed by a different artisan - our fireplace screen expert! Provide the colonial ambiance that you have been looking for with these well constructed hand forged primitive looking fireplace accoutrements of yesteryear! It makes all the difference in your home decor and the feel you are trying to project in you colonial era home.