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Colonial homes decor

Colonial  homes are one of the most popular styles of homes that exist in North America today. The European settlers brought different styles here from their home countries when they colonized here.  Colonial homes come in many different styles, including Shingle, Dutch Colonial, Federal style, Georgian style, Early Classic Revival, New England Colonial and Spanish and French Colonial to name several. Even though there are many different styles of Colonial homes, much of what is put into the decorating scheme and styling can be of a similar nature. The styling of a Colonial homes can take on a rather formal feel, or on the exact opposite end of the spectrum, the Colonial home can be rather rustic and primitive in character. Many Colonial homes could be made of wood, brick or stone or a combination of the three, thus giving the home a lot of style and personality. Many popular family television shows of the 50s and 60s featured Colonial Homes.

Of the many different styles of colonial homes, perhaps one of the most recognized is the Cape Cod style.  It was usually on the smaller side making it more economical and practical in nature. Sometimes this style of home was produced in early housing developments in the early 1930's. This style of home was built all across America and is still very popular today. The dormers  make it very recognizable style of home. Many times they are embellished with shutters on the windows. The first ones in America were modeled from homes in England that were constructed of half-timbered houses. Very charming in nature, their popularity endures. For some odd reason, the phrase "cape cod style house" has undergone a radical change over recent decades. A true cape has a door in the center with two windows on the left and two windows on the right. A three quarter cape has two windows on one side and only one on the other. And a half cape has two windows on one side, and none on the other. Remember this for when you are on a game show. The Colonial style has been revived many times throughout United States history. The Columbian Exposition (also known as the Chicago World's Fair) in 1893 repopularized the Greco-Roman motifs often found in Colonial architecture and was perhaps the largest revival of the style.

 Of all of the style of homes that exist, none other that the Colonial style seems to spell out the quintessential piece of small-town America than a Colonial home. It can take folks a lot of searching to find the home of their dreams. Many times when you do, it may be in need of some time deferred maintenance. The heat vents in the floor might be broken, or perhaps the hardware or hinges on the doors might be missing. A multitude of things can be missing in an older or historic home.  It would be wonderful to find a location where all your needs could easily be met, and that is exactly what you have found at The Colonial Homes Connection. You have at your fingertips all the resources to give your home the original splendor and charm and beauty of yesteryear in one convenient spot. You can give your home a real sense of history without having to spend hours and hours looking around. A restored or reconstructed home or building can be returned to the original dignity of it's past. So spend some time and look around at all of superb products and see if you can improve on the history of your home. Plus, most all of our products are made in the United States of America. Many of the items are constructed by our skilled trades people some use century olds tools and techniques, as in our fireplace tools and our pottery for instance. The reproduction lighting of the era fits right in with most all Colonial style homes. There is no time like the present, to spruce up your home. And in  the years to come, you will be glad that you did and our Founding Fathers would be proud!