colonial light switch plates
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First base plates
Keep all your bases covered with these attractive colonial light switch plates.
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The Northwest Collection of 
metal colonial light switch plates

Colonial light switch plates of Port Orford in wood

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Colonial light switch plates 

Colonial light switch plates can greatly enhance an elegant colonial home. Colonial light switch plates are pretty crucial, after all you are touching them every day. Light switch plates can and will add a lot of ambiance to your home. Their are many different kinds of colonial light switch plates and colonial hardware in general. This has to do with so the fact that their are so many different styles of colonial homes. Perhaps you have a Federal style of Colonial home, or maybe saltbox architecture is your taste, either way, these well crafted period colonial light switch plates can add just the right touch to your home. It's amazing how much difference having some Colonial switch plates can add to your home. It you lived in a rustic lodge you most certainly would want something that looked appropriate in that kind of setting You could choose from perhaps a light switch plate with bears or wolves or it. Or perhaps some thing  that looked very rustic, for instance tree bark. Well while those things are nice and dear, they might not be the type of thing you would choose for a colonial style of home, You would definitely want something more sedate that looks classy and classic at the same time. We have some wonderful switch plates that will fit the bill, in fact you just might think that you are in light switch plate heaven.

You probably won't find finer metal switch plates than our Northwest Collection. All of the plates in that series are constructed with an ultra thick 48 ounce per square foot metal. Furthermore, they are all hand hammered by a real artisan, not stamped out on a machine. We are talking first class quality here. It's nice to find such a huge variety of metals in a switch plate, because then you can complement one of your existing possessions to the plate itself. For instance, perhaps the base of a lamp, or a piece of fine pottery with a complementary color hue. The fine variety of wood light switch plates comes unfinished so you can stain to your likely, or you can get it with a clear laquer to let the attractive wood grain show through. If you need single, double, or double decora wall plates you've come to the right place. Be certain to view the switch plate configurations for different arrangements of your needs. If you don't see one of the configurations, please be sure and call to see if it can be done to your specifications, because more than likely we can do it. Also we have switch plates for push buttons switches as well as the toggle and decora variety. As a point of interest, decora plates are very often referred to as GFI style. Sometimes you will even hear them called rocker switches. Suffice to say, they have a rectangular cut out that is perhaps one and a quarter inch wide and two and a half inches tall.

The classic colonial homes of yesteryear capture a charm and character like no other style. These switch plates can add the crowning touch to your wonderful home. Simple things mean a lot when it comes to home decor and sometimes it can be something as easy as flipping a switch. Just remember that a well chosen light switch plate can be the perfect complement to your colonial home, whether it be a Colonial Revival, Dutch Colonial, Saltbox, or the mighty Cape Cod, we've got you covered when it comes to switch plates.