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What the hex!...
These nostalgic slip resistant one inc
h tiles are just what you've been looking for if you are a fan of authentic historic restoration. Take advantage of our sample tile program! Call us at 509-535-5098!

subway tiles

fully rectified unglazed porcelain hexagon, round, and square


video: historic hexagonal porcelain tiles
video: how to install subway tile around an outside corner


Hex tiles, porcelain

Hex tiles for Colonial homes! You bet! With the installation of hex tiles in a colonial home a sense of times past can be renewed. Hex tiles installed in a newly built home can add instance ambiance to your new construction home also.  Do you know what a rectified hex tiles are? A fully rectified tile is completely flat, with no pillowing at all, very popular with historic restoration professionals. Very authentic undoubtedly. If  your not afraid of color, the rectified tiles are just what you have been looking for. They come in a few different shades, such as brickyard red, black forest green, Dutch blue, and Saint Partrick's blue, to name a few. Imagine bringing out the subtle shade of some other item in your room by simple adding one of these complimentary tiles. Many tiles that we have contain subtle differences. Be sure and look through all the tile pages thoroughly and notice the slight variations from style to style. 

The durability and charm of the vintage porcelain tiles are very popular. Once in a while you will see the classic spiral motif on a floor in hex tiles. The visual interest that tiles add is in a category all it's own. Perhaps you might have the traditional subway tiles on the wall and the vintage looking octagon and dot on the floor. The visual interest of having them in gray gloss, white matte or black gloss is undoubtedly a conversation starter.  Friends and relatives will want to know where in the world you found your wonderful floor tiles. The clean, sleek look of a hex tile is universally famous and popular the world over. 

Unglazed porcelain is often the material of choice for high traffic floors and commercial jobs, not to mention historic restoration and renovation. It is extremely durable and almost impossible to damage, although I suppose that it is theoretically possible.

A perfect complement to the hex tiles are the subway tiles. You could install both kinds in your kitchen or bathroom for and ultra vintage ambiance in your home. Perhaps your doing a bathroom remodel and your are in need of something for a turn of the century feel. By adding something as simple as a hex floor tile into your room, it gives a detail rich look to the entire room. Along with new bathroom hardware, perhaps a new towel bar or towel rings, maybe even one of our vintage doorknobs, the act of installing a floor with our old looking hex tiles, you may feel like you just stepped back over a hundred years. So it isn't unreasonable to think that you build remodel your home and have a vintage looking kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Having a wood floor or carpeting in a bathroom can be a bit of a chore. The upkeep of keep those materials clean and dry can be somewhat of a chore. Imagine the beauty and versatility of having tiles on the floor, plus they will last what seems like an eternity. Looking fantastic all the while. One way to increase the value of your home can be to do a bathroom or kitchen remodel. If your floor is damaged or just out of date, please think of installing some of these wonderful looking tiles and your compliments will be miles and miles, long that is!!