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See ye, see ye,....
Identify your quarters from the road less traveled in style with our 
wide array of house numbers that look great on Colonial manners of all sorts. 

Colonial house numbers in copper, brass, aluminum, and black

Easy Street style colonial address numbers



Colonial House Numbers

Colonial house numbers are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve the look of your. Add some colonial house numbers to the front of your home and you have instantly added a whole lot of Colonial ambiance. Turn your basic looking home into a high style colonial by adding colonial house numbers. Our colonial house numbers are made in a variety of different styles. Also our colonial house numbers have several different metals from which to choose. You can choose from brass, copper, aluminum and black powder coat. We make our colonial house numbers in the United States of America. The simple classic detailing of a colonial home is accentuated with our wonder colonial house numbers.  Some of the colonial styles of house numbers that we have would complement a Colonial Revival home. Don't limit yourself to that particular style however. 

Yes, it is true that we make our own numbers here and that a fair amount of time is involved. It depends upon what finish you are looking for. The powder coat black takes the longest, up to five weeks before they are ready to ship out. Ones that we make out of solid brass, solid copper, or solid aluminum are more on the order of  three to four weeks before they are ready to ship out. Of course, we have ceramic tile pieces that are displayed in attractive metal frames that are either illuminated with small lights or they are light free. These are typically kept in stock and are ready to ship out right away. 

It is important that you address numbers are easy to read from a distance. So one thing you will want to do is to make plans so you have good contrast between the background and the numbers themselves. For example, copper develops a very dark patina. To show up well it is useful to have a light colored background behind them. On the other hand, brass stays fairly light, so  dark background behind them would be the most appropriate. The same goes for aluminum. And it goes without saying that black numbers should definitely be on a lighter background. Of course, if you get our illuminated numbers it is less of an issue since there are little lights just above the numbers and they are always extremely visible.

Colonial homes have influences from the English, Dutch and French which makes for a broad range of interpretations in the styling of the home. For this reason we have several styles of numbers, so must likely one will fit well with your style of home. Imagine your windows with their multi-panes, accentuated with shutters on each side. A few feet away you have your delightfully attractive colonial house numbers. Maybe you even have a pillar or column nearby. All of these items look so attractive with a colonial style home, and really help to dress the place up. People long for the good ole days, and that is what make colonial style homes so popular. The simplicity of the architecture in colonial style homes is comforting and soothing  in this frantic fast paced world in which we live.  The formal detailing and proportions in colonial homes can suggest that one lives in a home with order and organization, which can result in someone having a more secure and happy feeling in their home.