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Return of the cold air returns!
Making a five star comeback, the cold air return is now the status symbol of choice
for a quality first class home. Have a look at our designs today!
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egg crate cold air returns
Olympia wood louvered style

geometric wood cold air returns

geometric with built in filter

opera style cold air returns

rickenbacker cold air returns with built in filter tray

Industrial Warehouse style

turn of the century cold air returns with filter and frame

Sunset Boulevard return and registers

Turner collection cold air returns and registers

pickford cold air returns


Cold Air Returns

Cold air returns can give a lot of ambiance to a room. Who would have thought that something so functional as a cold air return could be a thing of beauty. And for heaven's sake a cold air return as a focal point in a room, what a concept! We have a good selection of cold air returns, along with vent covers, heat registers, air vents and more. The egg crate cold air returns look just like the ones of yesteryear. Remember the wooden cold air returns in your grandparents home - or perhaps your own home - very attractive yes indeed! But through the years of everyday living, many a time they were partially broken or missing a piece. How wonderful to be able to find a replacement cold air return to keep your home in beautiful shape. The geometric wood returns have some wonderful vintage looking designs that will be a definite asset to your home decor. The geometric designs of days gone by were very creative and most certainly attractive as a home decorating accent. Our geometric design with the air filter comes in many sizes, so hopefully we will be able to help out when it comes to filtering out some of those dusty particles.

If you are searching for something constructed out of metal, then the opera style cold air returns have a flair and grandeur that is rarely equaled.  They graced the palatial halls of years ago and now they can be in yours in your own home to enjoy. They are sand cast by hand of solid aluminum and they are intended to be painted to accent and complement your existing decor. Very striking in a wall - you'll be the talk of the town! If you are looking for something in another metal besides aluminum, be sure and check into the Pickford style returns. They are constructed from solid copper, brass or stainless steel. They can be made in just about any dimension you might need, and are suitable for wall or ceiling use only. Keep in mind, whether you are painting one of the aluminum returns or perhaps one of the wood geometrics, that certain paints and metals can really pop out and look stunning in your decor theme.

If you have needs  for a oddball sizes, you might look over in the vent covers category for the Bell Foundry register. This is a fine cast bronze piece and there are many sizes available. It is definitely worth taking a look at. While you are there take a look at the signal hill style as well. There are not as many sizes to choose from , but you still might be covered.

So you can see that having a hole in the wall isn't always a bad thing! As a matter of fact, you just may end up putting in additional heating and cooling ducts, just so you can install one of these attractive cold air returns. While your at it, be sure and look at all of the heat vents and vent covers that would fit into the floor, they are just as attractive and can work as a heavy duty item in your home interior beautification also. With all the different styles of colonial architecture that are associated with the colonial period and all the different styles of our cold air returns, certainly your home improvement project can be well under way.