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Accentuate your door with a thing of beauty! Your door openers can be eye-openers when you
install one of these first class quality handles or Colonial doorknobs! 
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Colonial doorknobs in the Old Irvine and Foxglen styles
Sonoma, Mission Hills; and Olympic knobs

Glass and porcelain knobs


Colonial doorknobs for restoration

Colonial doorknobs can really make a room. Having a door with one of these quality colonial doorknobs attached can make all the difference in a room. With all the different finishes that we have in colonial doorknobs, it is a breeze to complement your existing decor. Perhaps you have some lovely brass hinges on your door and you would like to accentuate or call attention to them. By all means, you would want to find a colonial doorknob that would fill the bill. Colonial doorknobs will enrich the feel of your home. Colonial doorknobs should be used to complement the door's design features. Before their were colonial doorknobs they commonly used thumb latches for door hardware on their doors.. Go to our colonial hardware section and look at the hand forged colonial iron hardware, it is very authentic looking. The most basic doors of the time were batten doors made out of planks of wood which the rustic latches would be appropriate for also. As time went on, the grander homes of the era used colonial doorknobs made from brass, iron or porcelain. These looked wonderful and appropriate with six paneled doors. Our large collection of these types of finer knobs will keep you busy trying to decide which ones will work for you. 

A very popular option in the decor of new construction colonial homes are of the pedal knob nature. Available in a left hand or right hand configuration they look stunning and very appropriate in a home with colonial nuance.  The Old Irvine pedal knob collection is simple yet elegant. the arresting nature in the purity of design produces a timeless classic look that will stand the test of time, in terms of both style and durability.  The range of different finishes will make it easy to complement your existing decor. Most knobs come in polished brass, vintage brass, satin nickel, antique pewter, timeless bronze and bright chrome. So as you can see, we pretty well have you covered in that department. The Sonoma knobs, the Mission Hills knobs and the Olympic knobs collections have an unpretentious class that radiates in their clean lines. They look especially tasteful  with the Vantage Hill back plate. Glorified by over a century of history, this clean crisp look has a universal appeal that works so well on any style of colonial home. The stunning simplicity is easy to complement with any style of decor or accessories that you have in your home. 

Before you call to inquire or order you should check the measurement of the backset. The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the cutout hole in the door where the knobs are located. This is likely to be either 2 3/8 or 2 3/4. It is the same price either way, but it is important to get it configured correctly in the first place.

One style of doorknob that you don't want to overlook is the crystal knob. The crystal knobs add a bit of opulence and grace that is not seen in other types of knobs. They truly stand along. Another classic style with a wonderful vintage feel in the porcelain knob. Actually these knobs and the associated parts that come with them are probably better than what they had to use in original colonial times. Metals were scare and most things that were made, including hardware, knobs, andirons and the like were much much thinner. So even though the actual old vintage antique hardware and doorknobs are great, it is possible to still get the look and obtain the ambiance with something that will be enjoyed for years to come.