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Display your photographs in colonial picture frames?
If you've been holding off on framing some of your favorite treasures because you didn't have a 
colonial picture frame that fit into your wonderful Colonial decor, your search has finally come to an end!! 
Peruse through our selection of wonderful colonial picture frames and select a style that 
captivates just the right grace you are trying to achieve in your home.
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oval colonial picture frames

round colonial picture frames

cathedral, oval, octagon frames and others

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All frames hand made and finished in North America.


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Colonial Picture Frames

Colonial picture frames are the perfect way to bring attention to your cherished memories. Colonial picture frames are wonderful for people who value their own heritage and  the well known architecture and want to show it off. Having several different colonial picture frames would make a wonderful display. Using colonial picture frames in a grouping on the wall can give a very striking effect. Perhaps you could frame your relatives or loved ones on a particular wall. Another wall could have a grouping of pictures that could spotlight historic homes in the area. We must say that these frames are so attractive, that they will certainly grab the attention of individuals in  and make your photograph or art a focal point in any room. Perhaps you have a hard to fill nook or cranny spot that you would like to draw attention to. One of these attractive looking frames would be perfect for that special area. You'd better be prepared to receive lots of compliments with these well made attractive picture frames.

We must say that these wonderful picture frames can also be made into mirrors, now that's exciting. Plus, you can also purchase the frames, glass or mirrors separately depending on what your needs are. These wonderful beauties can also be made with many different types of finishes on the frame, which is great when trying to complement your existing decor. Some of the many finish options are rosewood, vintage walnut, silver leaf brown, silver leaf black, silver spray, gold leaf, champagne gold, antique white, the list just goes on and on. For a very vintage look the picture frames can be ordered with a convex glass also. Now your talking!  Were not trying to bog you down here, but if that weren't enough options to think about, also consider the different shapes of the picture frames. Not only do they come in the traditional round shape, but also oval, octagonal and cathedral options are available. Be sure and check out the Courtier round frame in desert gold, it is extremely rich looking and could be at home just about anywhere. The cathedral looking frames could be a wonderful focal point at the end of a hallway, with a prized picture, or give the hallway an illusion of being longer by placing a mirror in the frame. As a matter of fact this frame would look wonderful in just about any part of a room.

Yes, it is true that you are able to find frames that look almost exactly like these in various and sundry antique stores. In many cases they are good buys, but often they are real "problem children" they exhibit niceties such as missing parts, damaged finishes or veneers, or structural problems. It is so easy to get a trouble free new frame that you may decide that is the way you want to go. 

Wouldn't you agree that these picture frames are a gold mine of a find! They look just like the one's found at the grandparent's house that got passed along to us kids! These are so nicely made that someday you will be able to hand them down to your grandchildren. Start a new tradition, or keep an old one, by proudly displaying your precious memories of today and tomorrow.