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Colonial rugs in florals and more

Braided Wool blend rugs



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Colonial rugs
Colonial rugs can be the center of attention in any colonial home. One type of traditional colonial rug could be of the braided variety. This type of colonial rug was and still is often seen in many different rooms of a colonial home. Take for instance, putting a braided colonial rug in the living area. This would be appropriate for a formal living area or a casual living area, depending on the surrounding furnishings. Lying the braided colonial rug of earth tone colors near the front of the fireplace heart with the black pot of simmering supper, is a warm and inviting image of the early colonial era when the United Stated emerged as a young nation. A braided colonial rug with prim and proper home furnishings could have been used in a formal dining or living room, or even the Governor's mansion.  Don't forget to look through the many floral colonial rugs that we have also.

The braided colonial rugs that we have come in many different colors and sizes and shapes. The colors can be of a solid nature, or patterns of different colors can be had in the braids. Beautiful rich earth tones create a warm and cozy ambiance, while the blues and pastels make for a cooler effect in your decorating scheme of things. Many of the braided rugs are almost completely constructed of wool, while the collection of cotton blend braids can have several different materials in the construction of the rug. They are all most attractive, we must say! 

As an aside, what should you do if you happen to spill something on a high quality wool rug? It turns out that the choice of professionals is club soda. To be truly effective you would want to use fresh club soda so you can take advantage of the foamy and bubbly action. That must have something to do with lifting the stain out, providing it is fresh. 

This period in American history was one of incredible growth. Perhaps you would wish your decor to have a late 1700's rugged feel, then please check out the braided wools. For a more formal feel in the later period of the era perhaps our  floral collection of rugs would be better suited for your decor. The flora and fauna of the time, are depicted in this beautiful collection of colonial rugs. Some of these time honored designs are American hooked rug designs. The collection of these are composed of 100% wool and utilize the centuries old technique of heavy hand hooking. First, the canvas cloth is put onto a frame, then the design of the rug is stenciled onto the canvas. The meticulous artisan uses a hooking device, then follows the pattern, starting with smallest accent color and continuing until the entire surface of the rug is totally covered. These have a wonderful old fashioned flavor. Another style of 100% wool floral rugs are are semi=worsted wool that have designs inspired by Colonial Williamsburg antiques. The high luster and finish and ultra dense pile make for a beautiful silk patina. Simple stunning and durable in any area of your home. Be sure and check the Countryside French collection of colonial rugs. The stunning design is circa 1880's and the colors of beautiful terra cottas, barn reds, and gold with ivory in an intricate design make for an eye stopping look. The centuries old technique of heavy hand hooking in 100% Chinese wool  make for a beautiful rug. 

 The colonial home is a time honored classic form of architecture. The rugs that we have, provide the additional benefit of not only being gorgeous, but accentuating the other fine home furnishings in your residence.