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Sea Shanties
In the early days of our country the dockside area of a typical seaport town resonated with the haunting strains of sailors in port singing sea shanties after disembarking from their clipper ships. We have assembled a small collection of shanties for you to download. Cost: absolutely free! Simply right click on a link and select "save target as" or just left click to listen. These sea shanties have been meticulously digitally re-mastered in our studio from the original monophonic recordings using the latest state of the art equipment. The list of songs below are in MP3 format.
Whup! Jamboree
Haul Away Joe

Santy Anna

The Shaver

Bound for the Rio Grande

The Drummer and the Cook

Spanish Ladies

Tom's Gone to Hilo

What Shall We do with the Drunken Sailor?


Swansea Town

Stormalong John

Goodbye, Fare Thee Well