colonial vent covers for early american homes
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  Our selection of colonial vent covers is so ample, that surely one will fill your needs.

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Colonial Vent Covers

Colonial vent covers placed on top of the openings in your floor serve a twofold. Not only do the Colonial vent covers serve the functional purpose of covering the holes that heat up your home, the Colonial vent covers supply a lot of visual ambiance to your home. The very early days didn't warrant colonial vent covers. Most of them probably didn't have basements, or even a crawl space for that matter. The old New England farmhouses were meagerly furnished, but were solidly built of wood. The winter was made tolerable by having a great open wood fire that the families gathered around in the evenings to converse and keep warm. You may remember many of the older homes having the wooden floor grate grids built into the existing flooring. Many times they would be located at the base of a open staircase. Too many of them have gotten damaged over the years, just from the normal wear and tear of everyday living. It is comforting to know that these types of floor grates can now be replaced to look like the old existing ones. 

We have a massive selection of air vent, cold air returns, vent covers, heat registers and more. Your just might find yourself cutting additional holes in your walls, floors or ceiling, just so you could showcase some of these wonderful looking covers. Don't forget our great selection of radiator covers also. The cast iron and cast bronze assortment are heavier in nature, so keep that in mind when decorating your home. We hate to say it, but if you have a very old house you might very well find that the duct openings in your colonial house simply do not have standard size openings. Don't fret, we are known for our ability to custom make designs. Not all of our designs are customizable, but many are. Anyway, it certainly does not hurt to ask.

On the other end of the spectrum, the grandeur of some of the old  Colonial homes and plantations that actually had heating systems, can be further enhanced by the colonial vent covers. Complementing the metal in a switch plate or a doorknob to your heat vent can really make it standout in the decor that you have. A very classic and more formal look, would be a grille or air vent constructed of granite.  More that likely, a heat vent doesn't show up as an accessorizing decor item. Most often it doesn't even show up at all, except perhaps to look old and ratty in appearance and if that's the case it is noticeable, but in a bad way. Definitely a case of turning lemons into lemonade, wouldn't you agree? You simple must check into the Canterbury and Manor House heat registers. These are a hard to find type of registers that were frequently used with the gravity heating systems of yesterday as well as the forced air heat systems. You no longer need to sort through the salvage yard to try and find one that looks better than your old worn out register, as we now have replacements to try and make your life easier and more attractive. The Turn of the Century collection has many different attractive designs that would look appropriate in the colonial style of home. Enjoy looking through our wide variety of heating and cooling designs and make the most of a mundane area of your home.