white square porcelain tile

Square porcelain tile

White and black square porcelain tile are excellent choices for vintage colonial style home restoration or renovation. Actually, our tile is more accurately bone and the black is really more charcoal color which contributes to the appropriateness. Through several of the colonial revival movements flat top or rectified porcelain tile has been a common sight seen in bathroom locations. When well made porcelain has the nicety of rejecting stains extremely well. Furthermore, since there isn't a coating on the tile there are no worries about spalling happening, which is where the glaze chips off over time. Even though porcelain is tight grained, it is still a very good idea to use a good quality floor sealer in order to prevent the grout from in between the tiles from picking up stains. A good quality sealer will give more satisfactory results than a sealer that is lower on the quality scale.

white square porcelain tile in historic restoration

Probably the most recognizable design motif used in restoration and renovation of historic colonial homes is the Greek key motif. It is a simple design to incorporate around the perimeter of a bathroom in tile, and is often used. To make the design you simply peel out the bone white tiles and replace them with charcoal black tiles on an individual basis. In addition to white and black square porcelain tile, another popular shape is hexagon. We offer that shape in the same colors and in two sizes one inch and two inch. Hexagon is not as commonly used as square in colonial architecture, but it is still often seen and well worth considering. Also, we have penny round tiles in the same colors.