charleston colonial house numbers


Charlestown numbers replicate the look of well-used hand set leaded type. That why the edges are rough!


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SIZE aluminum
4 high, 1/8 thick $13.95
4 high, 1/4 thick $14.95
6 high, 1/8 thick $15.95
6 high, 1/4 thick $16.95

sh: 6%, at least $14.95

sorry, copper and brass not available at this time

charleston dimensions

This shows the correct orientation of the CHARLESTON numbers. It is not a bad idea to print them out and cut out your specific numbers with a scissors and see how they look together. As noted, some numbers are taller and some are shorter. If you get 6 inch tall numbers, the tallest will be 6 inches. Naturally, the shorter ones will be shorter. Here are the approximate heights of the individual numbers:

CHARLESTON number 6 inch size 4 inch size
number one 3.6 inches high 2.4 inches high
number two 3.6 inches 2.4 inches
number three 5.4 inches 3.6 inches
number four 6 inches 4 inches
number five 5.5 inches 3.7 inches
number six 5 inches 3.3 inches
number seven 5.6 inches 3.7 inches
number eight 5.8 inches 3.9 inches
number nine 5.4 inches 3.6 inches
number zero 3.7 inches 2.5 inches
house number finishes