colonial light switch plates

Colonial light switch plates

It is hopefully no surprise to anyone that in the original colonial era the electrification of America had not yet happened. Consequently colonial light switch plates did not exist. However, over time there have been several revivals of colonial styling since then and some of them have occurred during the period of time in which everyone has had the miracle of modern electrical systems at their disposal. It is almost difficult to believe, but there are still people alive that grew up without electricity. Many houses that people currently live in have wiring from the early days of mass electricity including knob and tube systems, cloth covered Romex, and even cleated systems. Most of these houses have been updated to the point in which the electrical circuits that supply the power for high current appliances such as washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens, and similar devices have modern wiring, but very often the lighting circuits continue to use knob and tube. This may be OK, but you would certainly want to make sure that the fuses do not exceed 15 amps, if you still have a fuse system instead of circuit breakers. But we digress.

All this leads up to thinking about what style of colonial light switch plates you should have in your house or commercial building. Much of the choice boils down to personal preference, but I think we can all agree that plastic covers not only lack a certain aesthetic quality, but also are certainly not historic. So let's rule them out. High on the list should be colonial light switch plates that exhibit typical colonial motifs such as egg and dart. Another style worthy of consideration would a one that incorporates the look of applied plaster or wood ornament or greco-Roman urns such as the Cicero style. For understated but stylish appearance a style that has motifs reminiscent of a clipper ship's rigging may be worthy of consideration. And of course you can never go wrong with a classic beveled style that automatically gives a classy vintage look.