colonial wall mounted mailbox, colonial mailbox

Colonial wall mounted mailbox

A colonial wall mounted mailbox is an excellent way to increase the curb appeal of your home without spending a lot of money. Furthermore, you get to interact with it every day and are constantly enjoying th e colonial mailbox. Several considerations are worth noting when choosing a mailbox. Most importantly, consider what the base metal is. The preference for the metal would be brass. Not only is brass tough stuff, it is a non-ferrous metal in contrast to a ferrous metal such as steel. Ferrous metals are typically coated with something such as paint, but over time the coating can be degraded through an abrasion or simply through natural wear, thus exposing the ferrous metal. At that point rust can occur, which has the ability to run down the side of your house and create rust streaks. When you consider that many Colonial style houses are white or some other light color this could be very unsightly. On the other hand, when brass is used as a base metal this is not an issue since brass does not result in unsightly rust streaking.

Colonial mailbox origin

Presumably, one consideration for a colonial wall mounted mailbox is the country that it originated from. All our mailboxes are made by skilled artisans in the United States. Some models have the words "mail" or "post" cut into the front panel with attractive art glass located behing. We also offer models that feature your house number, which is another popular feature.

Mounting of colonial wall mounted mailboxes

Our colonial mailboxes hang on two screws which are located either five or ten inches apart. They are high up on the backplate in order to make it easy to get to them with a screwdriver. When you are looking at our colonial mailboxes you will notice a button labeled "dimensions". If you click on that you can see architectural drawings of all configurations and these will answer all of your questions regarding dimensions. As you probably suspected, it is a good idea to take measurements of the location you plan to put a wall mounted Colonial mailbox and make certain that it is going to fit properly.