oval picture frames, round picture frames

Oval picture frames

Oval pictures frames are an impeccable choice to add the atmosphere of authenticity to a Colonial home. Perhaps you have visited an authentic home of the period currently functioning as a museum such as Mount Vernon, Monticello Valley Forge outbuildings or similar. If so, you've certainly observed an assortment of round picture frames, oval picture frames and other types of colonial picture frames including octagon.

round picture frames

Closely related to the oval frame are the round picture frames. These continue to be an excellent choice for individual portraits. It's possible to use them for family pictures, but the restricted space may be an issue, in which case consider the picture frame styles that are more amenable to this type of situation including something closer to rectangular or octagon.

Colonial picture frames and finishes

Popular woods of the colonial era included walnut and cherry, both of which are available in an impressive faux finish. For more upscale decor there are finishes that emulate gilded and silvered frames of eras gone by

Positioning a subject vintage look colonial picture frames

Be sure to open our page on how to measure for a frame. It is important to achieve the most visually appealing centering and the instructions on this page will tell you everything you need to know in twenty five words or less. Actually, it is fifty six words, but that is still a small price to pay to achieve good results.

Early Colonial revival periods

There have been several colonial revival periods in American history. It is still possible to find original structures still standing that were built in the sixteen hundreds. Colonial picture frames from this period should likely have a wood appearance, not a fancy gilded look. Later on, after the colonies starting building sizable cities such as Philadelphia and Boston and buildings became more palatial then a more formal and upscale look is possible and entirely appropriate for round picture frames.