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Colonial door hardware

If you are lucky enough to own a colonial revival or neo-colonial home it makes sense to dress up the doors with some appropriate door hardware. Choosing colonial door hardware that matches or at least complements the style of the house is always the best idea, for example it would look ridiculous to install ultra contemporary doorknobs in one of these vintage homes. Consider ball tip hinges as a well accepted stylistic alternative to a modern hinge. Front doors should probably have heavy duty ball bearing hinges to minimize wear and friction. They only add a tiny cost so it should definitely be considered.

Colonial door knobs

Quite a few colonial door knobs styles look appropriate, but it is always hard to go wrong with the beveled style colonial door knobs, which you are probably very familiar with. There is a massive supply of wonderful door knobs from which to choose and it may be difficult to narrow down your options. Consider the clear or tinted glass knobs which you will find in the "other knob choices" of each door knob page.

Another superb style that works well with colonial architecture are the Swan's Neck style colonial door knobs, which are reminiscent of the broken swan's neck pediment often seen above entry doors. It is a little more daring than the beveled style, but even the most stylistically conservative person is likely to admit a certain admiration for the appearance of the colonial door knobs.

Typically we supply door knobs for the doors that have a round hole cut through the face of the door. If you are trying to retrofit a vintage door we offer the same door knobs, but with a mechanism that fits in the mortised out portion at the edge of the door.